Exceptional Workforce

At IPB we have strict standards when it comes to all of our manufacturing processes. Safety, efficiency, productivity - these are some of the items on our checklists. We’re constantly innovating and improving in order to better meet the needs of our employees and customers.

We do it all with an exceptional workforce. 

IPB is a non-profit commercial cable manufacturing corporation that provides employment opportunities, training and support for individuals living with intellectual and/or physical disabilities . Our employees are able to manufacture high quality custom cables and custom wiring assemblies as a result of the training and environment we provide at IPB.

We provide a broad spectrum of individualized support and adaptive equipment for our employees, furthering our goal of skill development and enabling greater independence within the workplace. Additionally, working with individuals and their families, we advocate on their behalf and encourage personal development – both on the job and in the greater community.

The model for our operation was originally developed from a study entitled “Habilitation of Severely and Profoundly Retarded Adults” published in 1977, conducted by the University of Oregon Center on Human Development and edited by G. Thomas Bellamy, Ph.D., Robert H. Horner, M.S. and Dean P. lngman, Ph.D.

The Basic finding of this study was that  persons with intellectual disabilities could produce high quality manufactured products as long as the manufacturing steps were broken down into smaller discreet operations.

At IPB we have used the techniques described in the University of Oregon study, to produce high quality custom connections for over 33 years.