Products & Services

IPB’s manufacturing services span from prototype to production, small to large orders, straightforward to complicated, and duplicating or originating.  

We help you to connect cost-effectively and, of course, accurately.

We can also help you take advantage of the savings provided by our VMA and Kanban programs.

Let's connect !

Wire & Cable Harnesses

Custom or classic cables and connections

Weather it is a standard cable, a flat cable, a cable harness, a RF cable harness or a even a specialty waterproof interconnect harness, we can connect.


Specialty Analytical Components

Specifically for you

Sometimes you need a different way to connect. Perhaps a flow tube or other specialty parts will get the job done. Yes. We can do that too.

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Box Builds
Control Panels

and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Sure, we can connect them into a box, a panel or an assembly with all the care and standards of excellence you expect.


VMI / KanBan Programs

Automated Inventory Levels

Partner with us. Take advantage of our quick delivery and save storage space at your facility. Let us help you automatically maintain your specified levels of inventory.

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